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terahertz wand benefits

Hi Dr Jenkins! I will DEFINITELY keep you informed with any and all progress I make with the Wand! So far, I have been using it twice a day since Monday, and I can see a difference in the structure of the tumor in my right breast. It’s a visible tumor, near the nipple! I hope it’s ok, as I have been using it for about 5 to 6 minutes per session on that breast. If you think that’s too long, please let me know. Thanks so much for recommending this wonderful product to me!

Donna Foster terahertz wand user

Hi Dr Lloyd! I would be glad to share my comments about the life wand. It truly is amazing and if people would just give it a try, they would see what we see. I have arthritis in my 3rd finger on my right hand and BOY, it really makes it feel so good after I use the wand on it! That finger in particular is less stiff and not nearly as swollen as it was before I started using the wand on it! I am so thrilled to have such a great piece of equipment that I can use at home on myself whenever I want to. After I use it, I feel as though I have had a really good massage! Have been able to sleep so much better! Thank you again for recommending this GREAT product to me.

Donna Foster

Harry wanted a solution for his wife who he said was starting to lose a lot of her hair after having been very sick with Covid. I recommended the Life Terahertz wand as others claimed it made their hair grow thicker. He was very skeptical and even made fun of the wand and said he did not think that it could do all that it claims to do.

A few days later he twisted his back and could barely walk and every breath he took while standing sent a sharp pain into his lungs. Here are his comments:

“Lloyd, I had almost the most awful pain in my back upper left muscles. I never had so much pain. After two heavy treatments with the Terahertz wand the next day was 50% improved. By Thursday and Friday absolutely all pain gone.” 


Harry Terahertz wand user

At the Budwig Center we have started doing Terahertz sessions on all our patients and providing them one to use in their homes. We had two female patients that both complained of an on and off sharp pain in the shoulder blade area. This is often accompanied by a condition called “frozen shoulder”. I did a 15 minute session on each of them and both said they had immediate relief.

We also had a young 24-year man with advanced stomach and lung cancer and was wheelchair bound. Sitting many hours in his wheelchair his circulation was very bad and his breathing was strained. When we looked at his feet they looked “black”. Our therapist did a full 10-minute session on his feet and we noticed that this “black dark colored” feet slowly starting turning a normal pinkish color and when she finished his feet looked a normal color and he said he felt much better and could breathe easier.

We use German and American “bio resonance” testing at the Budwig Clinic and our therapist commented that since we started doing the Terahertz therapies the patients are improving dramatically over the 2- or 3-weeks treatment with us. So, he put it down to the Terahertz as this is the only recent new therapy we have added

Personally, I started using the Terahertz wand even though I do not have many health problems. First thing that happened is, that night, it made me sleep 11 hours…wow…did that ever feel good, I guess I had an accumulated sleep debt. I recall whenever I do any bio resonance test at the clinic it usually says I need more sleep. I also slept the next day another 9 hours. We know that sleep is when the body recuperates and regenerates, so this is a real plus. My wife, Linda recently fell and hurt her lower back so I did just 2 sessions there as well as at the back of the neck and she noticed an improvement right away.

A few of our patients at the Budwig Center also noticed they were sleeping much better. We also give our patients high dose melatonin with DMSO, and this really makes an impact on their sleeping habits. Also, I have noticed my digestion is improving. I often found my digestion was sluggish in the evening and I had trouble sleeping because my stomach was slow in digesting and keeping me awake. Now I eat just some fruit in the evening or some Tahini on a rye cracker and try to avoid any alcohol and with the Terahertz and melatonin I am sleeping like a teenager again! As men age, almost all have enlarged prostate issues, so to prevent any issues, I also do the wand on the 3 areas that correspond to the prostate to keep it healthy.
– Lloyd & Linda Jenkins

Lloyd & Linda terahertz wand users

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