A team of more than 50 people in different parts of the world over a 10-year period have developed a very powerful natural healing device known as the Terahertz Wand or Terahertz Therapy Device.

However, many people have still not heard of this healing device that has been used for some 5 years. It has outstanding results in the field of health in over 30 different countries and counting.

terahertz wand
Cerebellar Atrophy treated with Terahertz wand
Bells palsy better after 8 days with Terahertz healing device

30 minutes a day

Studies indicate that just 30 minutes of Terahertz therapy could provide the same benefits of receiving:

  • 10 acupuncture treatments
  • 40 massages
  • 10 moxibustion treatments
  • 20 cupping sessions

A typical massage will only penetrate 2 or 3 cm under the skin and most therapeutic devices used in clinics will reach 6 or 7 cm penetration.  However, the Terahertz therapy wand with a blowing action will quickly penetrate 20-30 cm (that’s almost a foot deep) under the skin, softening hard muscles and knots and even reaching right to the bones and bone marrow. This produces very deep healing and activates stem cells on a totally different level as never seen before in the realm of health care.  Some are saying it should be called the “miracle wand”!

This is truly a “breakthrough” in natural healing, based on bio resonance frequencies.

Woman with Breast cancer

Breast cancer stage 4 tumor reduced by 30% . Pain reduced by 90% in just 23 days of Terahertz treatment.

Watch and See how The Terahertz Wand Has Transformed Lives.

Einstein quote ‘Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.’

We are getting closer than ever to what Einstein predicted.

He said ‘Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.’

Benefits of the Terahertz Wand

We offers much more than many “look alike” Terahertz wands being offered. Our wand is uniquely designed to offer 9 therapies combined with each application. This is a biomedical ‘breakthrough’ device that literally helps with any and every type of disease and health condition.

LifeWind Terahertz Wand - 9 therapies
  1. Selected Infrared healing frequencies
  2. Terahertz frequencies
  3. Magnetic vibrational frequencies
  4. Quantum energy
  5. Negative ions
  6. Vibrational sound frequencies
  7. Optical quartz frequencies
  8. Selected light frequencies
  9. Warm soothing air movement therapy

01. Pain

Reduces and often eliminate even severe chronic pain

02. Detox

Removes harmful chemicals and substances from your body

03. Cardiovascular

Unclogs and softens blood vessels that could lead to a stroke or heart attack and instantly improves your circulation and purifies the blood

04. Immune System

When the body temperature is raised just 1ºC, it can increase your immune system by up to 5 times using Terahertz infrared heat

05. Energy & Wellbeing

Many literally feel happier and even giddy after a total body treatment

06. Restoration

Repairs damaged cells and makes your healthy cells more resilient, clearing eight extraordinary vessels in your body and lymphatics

07. Anti-aging

Revitalizes your skin, reduces wrinkles & activates collagen production

08. Activates Self Repair

Removes diseased cells and activates production of stem cells in bone marrow resulting in self-healing your mitochondria

09. Invigorates

Removes diseased cells and activates production of stem cells in bone marrow resulting in self-healing your mitochondria

10. Libido & Prostate Health

Helps with low sex drive (for men and women), enlarged prostate, prostatitis, and erectile dysfunction

11. Expels Cold Energy

Microcirculation enhanced expelling cold and wet energy.  Healing takes place in warm dry energy (as per Chinese medicine)

12. Reduces Depression & Stress

Activates of emotional cells, calms down nervous system reducing stress and inducing a feeling of happiness

13. Increases Metabolism

Which in turn enables the body to function at 20 to 30 years younger and people notice the difference after each session

14. Muscular Issues

Effectively resolves muscular issues, such as, frozen shoulder, sciatic nerve, stiff muscles, knots, tennis elbow, low back muscle pain, slipped disks, dystonia, involuntary muscle spasms, trapped muscles from repetitive movements and more…

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How Does it Work and is it Safe

Using small doses of infrared frequency and heat, the Terahertz wand vibrates at frequencies that make healthy cells more resilient. It offers Quantum energy as well as sound, light and magnetism and quartz high frequencies, thus making it one of the most potent and safe healing therapies available at this time.

Cellular Health is Physical Health

Terahertz technology using “Terahertz Waves”, discovered in the 1980’s matches the vibration frequency of human cells. This therapy helps blood flow with normal healthy cells absorbing the Tera Waves while dormant cells are re-activated. As a result, damaged cells are repaired, leading to improved healing times in areas of trauma and leaving the patient feeling energized.

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Case Studies

Terahertz has changed many lives for the better. 

Osteoprosis 93 old lady recovery after 2 months of Terahertz therapy


A lady in her 90’s with advanced osteoporosis was literally bedridden and could not even move. 

After 2 months of Terahertz therapy she is now cycling, singing karaoke and can lift her legs.  She made a remarkable recovery. 

No wonder people are comparing the healing results of Terahertz to “miracles”.

Kidney failure treated with LifeWind Terahertz Wand


August 21, 2021, Creatine 7.18 and 2 months later down to 4.41 and on dialysis 3 days weekly.  After just 2 Terahertz treatments he now urinates three times day and getting better as his kidneys are being restored.  He did lots of Terahertz therapy on the kidneys and spine and drank plenty of Terahertz charged water.

Terahertz combines Quantum scaler technology and implants energy into cells with sound, light and magnetism and quartz high frequencies which are all very healing.

Terahertz treats several problems

Helps with macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma and eye floaters

Eye problems cataracts glaucoma healed with Terahertz device

Effective for All Types of Skin Problems

terahertz cures skin problems
Psoriasis treated with Terahertz therapy
LifeWind Terahertz Wand skin improvement
Vitiligo cured with terahertz therapy
psoriasis improvement
skin benefits of LifeWind Terahertz Wand
terahertz wand baby skin benefits
vasculitis better after 5 terahertz sessions
Legs 3 days better after terahertz therapy

Hydrogen is the energy used by the sun and the smallest molecule that can go practically anywhere in your body to promote deep cellular healing.  Hydrogen inhalations and hydrogen water have become a very popular and effective in helping to restore health and are used now in the Budwig Center and many clinics.  Interestingly the characteristic energy of the hydrogen bond, which is the most dominant bond in biological molecules, lies within the Terahertz frequency range.

Fat stomach reduction with terahertz wand
arthritis helped with LifeWind Terahertz Wand

Overweight, digestions problems, fibromyalgia, sore arthritic joints and pain are just a few of the ailments that Terahertz therapy can manage effectively.

Terahertz can still penetrate the body, but because of the low energy, it’s non-ionising and harmless, unlike, for example, X-rays.  Terahertz radiation studies have been conducted and there is no radiation detected from this natural therapy.

Terahertz is Anti-Aging from the Inside and the Outside

The Terahertz Wand stimulates stem cells directly in the bone marrow from the inside and revitalizes the skin and reduces wrinkles on the outside as it activates collagen production.

eye wrinkles reduced by Terahertz Wand
face skin sagging reduced by Terahertz Wand

What Patients Say About Terahertz

Nancy said she was losing a lot of hair and she was getting very worried. Shortly after using the Terahertz wand the hair loss stopped and she is growing luxuriant hair again.

Roger reports he has no more scabby skin, no more dark blood vessels, no more itchiness and reduced varicose veins. The pins and needles in his right hand have great reduced after just a few sessions
Kevin who had numerous health problems for the last 28 years and was told he would end up in a wheel chair due to a failed back operation, reported that after just 15 minutes of Terahertz therapy on his back and spine, he says “It is a very pleasant experience feeling almost like invisible healing hands are doing their work on you and within 10 minutes I was feeling much more alert, focused and clear minded, my Lower back which is normally constantly hurting/aching very painfully was surprisingly, feeling much better.” Kevin also found his digestion and severe pain in the rib cage all went away and now for the first time in 10 years he could get a decent night’s sleep.
Frozen Shoulder cured by Terahertz Wand
Sciatic Nerve remedy

Quickly and effectively resolves sciatic nerve attacks and frozen shoulder syndrome

Charge and Structure your Water with Terahertz Healing Frequencies

Charging Water with terahertz wand

The structure of our blood is often ‘sticky’ and not free flowing and low on oxygen. Here is a sample of a person’s blood before drinking the Terahertz charged water and then after. See how the blood cells are now more uniform and free flowing from the energized and structured water.

Dark Field Blood before and after terahertz charged water

Before each daily session of Terahertz healing wand therapy, you drink 2 glasses of charged water and then another 2 glasses afterward for incredible benefits in addition to the profound effect the therapy will have on your body.  Charging the water gives it back its vitality.  Water sitting in tanks and plastic and copper tubes for hours becomes lifeless and unstructured or chaotic in structure.  Terahertz charging the water causes the water to become ‘structured’ and ‘linear’ which means the water molecules are smaller and can more easily be assimilated as you can see in this diagram.  As we are 70% water the type of water we drink daily has a noticeable impact on our well being

water molecules charged


Terahertz is one of the rarest stones in the market, protects the body against electromagnetic smog and harmful radiation. believed to be a very strong healing stone that possesses very high oscillating frequency as well as thermal conductivity.

Did you know that your hair dryer is one of the most dangerous sources of harmful EMF’s that many people use it on a regular basis and of all places right on their head.  The Terahertz wand has a feature that blows warm/hot air and can be your new hairdryer with no dangerous EMF frequencies and will give you a wonderful healing treatment at the same time.

Effects of terahertz waves on the body

9 in 1 Combined Therapies with each Terahertz Application

Because the Terahertz healing wand uses small doses of infrared frequency and heat, as well as Quantum energy, sound, light and magnetism and quartz high frequencies, it provides literally 9 essential healing benefits in each therapeutic treatment you receive.  Thus enabling this ‘breakthrough’ biomedical device to literally help with any and every type of disease and health condition that a person could have to deal with. 

For example, chronic inflammation leads to many health problems and plays a major part in the development of many diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, sinusitis, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic peptic ulcers, and cancers, etc. Terahertz therapy is very effective in treating inflammation.  Cancer is caused by toxins (chemical and emotional), as well as pathogens, low immune system and improper diet.  Again, the Terahertz will address 3 out of 4 of these causes.  The improper diet you will personally need to correct of course.  The Budwig food diet is one of the best ways of restoring good health.

The iTericare Classic Device

Treat Health Problems With The Terahertz Wand

Once you own the Terahertz healing wand in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will be able to prevent and treat any and all types of health problems that come your way.

Also this device will as help maintain good energy levels, better, deeper sleep, younger looking skin, deal with even severe pain, headaches, pneumonia, infections, indigestion, low libido, erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, cardiovascular health, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes  …..the list goes on and on.

Both models provide excellent healing results.  The Classic model is ideal for personal short-term use.  Most people will use it 20 to 40 minutes daily and this model then needs a 10-minute cooling down time.  In a professional clinical setting, the therapist may need to treat several patients consecutively and the Professional model can keep working up to 3 hours without shut down time.  Also, the clinical model is stronger (personal model is 850 watts and clinical model is 1000watts), so probably will give faster results in less time.  Also, the quartz crystal tube in the clinical model is longer and the blue light is somewhat more intense

Terahertz Wand Basic Instructions

Lifewind Terahertz wand Instruction Chart

Charge 2 glasses of water for 1 or 2 minutes then drink two cups (500ml/16oz) of warm or room temperature water before session.

Drink 2 glass of warm water. Blow the TeraHertz frequencies over the whole front and back of both hand and legs, more on the red spot.

Blow top of head, circle downward the whole head, more on the red spot.
Blow center of back, blow downward and move left right or circle motion to cover the whole back.

Blow center of front body, blow downward and move left right or circle motion to cover the whole body.

Blow the wand 2 minutes on each point indicated in the chart and then blow 5 minutes on the areas of pain or disease. Start with 10 minutes session and gradually work up to 30 to 40 minutes daily. If you suffer from a chronic serious disease use up to 3 hours daily.

After treatment stay out of direct wind, fans and A/C and drink 2 more glasses of charged warm or room temperature water and do not eat cold foods.

Best to shower before treatment but do not shower until at least 4 hours after a session

Counterindications: Do not use if pregnant, do not use directly over a pacemaker or metal inserts and stents but instead go around that area.  Do not use directly over an open wound and monitor you blood pressure and reduce the blowing time directly on the head if it raises too much your pressure.  Start off with just 10 minutes a day and slowly work up to 30 or 40 minutes.  Give your body time to heal.  Take 1 day a week rest with no Terahertz therapy. 

Contact us to find out How The Terahertz Wand Can Transform Your Life

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Special introductory limited time offer of $100 off the regular price of $575.
Now on sale for $475 (free worldwide delivery). 

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