Terahertz Wand Comparison Chart

The Classic Model comes in red and may cost the same or a little more than other models. However, notice the unique features of our Terahertz Device.
See Terahertz Wand comparisons below.

LifeWind Terahertz Wand Comparison with Others
itericare model comparison

Our Classic Model has a longer tube providing more intense focused blue light.
It also features a thicker outer tube to better protect the fragile inner crystal. 

Lifewind terahertz healing wand has thicker outer tube as compared to other terahertz wands
Lifewind terahertz wand has bigger sleeve and ring as compared to cheaper models

This extra sleeve and ring helps protect the device and especially the crystal, similar to a protective cover for a mobile/cell phone.

It helps protect it in case the Terahertz Wand is dropped which with this device, could break the crystal which happens much easier in other models that do not have the double liner and protective ring.

Our TERAHERTZ Models use the Crystal Quartz technology with more effective, deeper healing. 
All our models are constructed with high quality materials offering many years of quality performance.

Classic Model - 800WOther Models 6.0 Classic - 400 to 800W
Tube – longer – more intense focused blue lightTube – shorter – less intense focused blue healing light
Unique Crystal Quartz encased tube– provides more healing benefitsGlass tube – fewer healing benefits
Extra outer ring and thicker casing to protect Crystal QuartzNo outer ring – more fragile – especially if dropped
4 blue healing lightsSome models have only 3 but others 4 blue lights
Terahertz + quantum + negative ions + quartz crystalTerahertz + quantum only and some models may have negative ions
3 settings (1st) warm (2nd) Slow blowing speed and hot (3rd) Fast blowing speed & hotter temperatureOn/Off 1 setting – one temperature and one speed
cancer cells treated with Terahertz therapy

In Summary

Our Terahertz Wand is superior in many ways. It far outperforms cheaper terahertz wand models on the market. Here are the main improvements. 

01. Longer Tube

The longer tube provides more intense focused blue light

02. Thicker Outer Tube

Thicker outer tube encloses the end of the precious fragile inner crystal for better protection

03. Extra Sleeve & Ring

Helps protect the device and especially the crystal in case the device is dropped

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