Specifications & Safety of Terahertz Therapy

Terahertz is very safe because it resonates the same frequency as normal human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second.  

Our Terahertz Wand certification is stringently tested, inspected and certified by the China Beijing Academy of Sciences and National Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Certification and many other authoritative organizations.

Terahertz Frequencies

Terahertz therapy generates targeted heat at frequencies of around 600 to 700 levels Celsius, the wand encourages pores and skin rejuvenation and increases circulation.

The Terahertz frequencies are synchronized to one trillion hertz (1012 Hz) and can easily penetrate the skin and bone marrow in a very shorter period of time. These waves have a frequency that passes in the skin’s protective layers to focus on particular parts of your body.

The Terahertz frequency vibration is very safe, as it occupies the middle of your electromagnetic spectrum in between microwaves and infrared light waves. This location is simply too higher to be measured digitally, so it has to be calculated in Vitality and wavelength. Regular products cannot make these frequencies.

No Radiation found with LifeWind Terahertz device

No Radiation Detected with the Terahertz Wand

A test was done to see if there was any radiation emitted while the Terahertz wand was functioning. No radiation was detected.

The terahertz wavelength, which corresponds to the much-infrared spectrum, is characterized by big fluctuations in voltage throughout biological membranes. These versions in voltage are called “terahertz waves,” and they improve the system’s all-around voltage to synchronize higher-functioning organic procedures.

The skin is the most important organ of your body, with seven or 8 levels (excluding the palms and foundation in the feet). Its layers are identified as epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis, and every layer is made up of an additional layer.

Due to this fact, the terahertz spectrum occupies the place in between infrared and microwave gentle waves. This gap is often called the “terahertz gap.” Although this know-how is pretty new, reliable-state sources and detectors have existed for a long time.

AB Millimetre is a company that provides stable-condition sources and detectors. In combination with enabling terahertz Electrical power, the 7.0 GHz Terahertz Wand is a strong software for promoting mental clarity and achieving physical Health.

Utilizing a waveguide-built-in photodiode as a terahertz emitter, as well as a Be:InGaAs/InAlAs multilayer composition as being a coherent receiver, the 7.2 GHz Terahertz Wand has an exceptional dynamic range. Moreover, it might receive the complete spectrum of the radio frequency signal in below one particular minute.

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe — with just one proton and one electron (it’s the only element without a neutron) — is the simplest element in the universe, which explains why it’s also the most abundant. In stars, hydrogen atoms fuse to create helium — the second most common element in the universe.

The Terahertz Wand also Incorporates the Hydrogen Bond

Hydrogen bonds and Terahertz therapy.

Together, helium and hydrogen make up 99.9 percent of known matter in the universe, according to Encyclopedia.com. Even so, there is still about 10 times more hydrogen than helium in the universe. For this reason and because of the unique quantum properties of hydrogen bonding, the functional molecules involved in life processes are predicted to have extensive hydrogen bonding capabilities. A molecular medium generating a hydrogen-bond network is probably essential to support the activity of the functional molecules. An important property related to nuclear quantum effects concerns the transfers of protons or of H atoms which may take place through hydrogen bonding.

Also, electron transfer, a key aspect of life molecular processes, is coupled in different ways to proton transfer: this coupling is necessary to maintain electrical neutrality in biological systems. Proton transfer is also central to the dynamical equilibrium that determines the pH of water. Proton transfer is not provided by halogen bonding and, concerning this aspect, hydrogen bonding is unique among any other chemical interaction. Hydrogen bonding in this case also plays an important role since the extent of proton delocalization along hydrogen bonds can affect the energies at which photons are absorbed, and also the fate of molecules and products formed in the excited state.  In other words, hydrogen bonds help determine the absorption of light.  Hydrogen also emits light when excited by frequency!  The higher the frequency, the higher the energy of the light.

The universe is electric. As such, the reactivity to electric fields arises because a hydrogen bond network is, in practice, an ensemble of dipoles that can be collectively re-oriented, providing extra capabilities of transmission of electric signals through the medium.

Hydrogen bonds and Terahertz Therapy

Among all known chemical interactions, only hydrogen bonds can mediate the low-energy, directional interactions required for the operation of genetic and catalytic tasks. Therefore, the functional molecules, and the molecular constituents that interact with them, must have extensive capabilities of hydrogen bonding. This conclusion is reinforced by the fact that the quantum effects peculiar of hydrogen bonding are needed to build a dynamical system of fluctuating conformations, typical of life. Since life-based on genetic and catalytic molecules represents a broad generalization of terrestrial life, we may conclude that hydrogen bonding represents a universal language of life molecular interactions.

Some patients have reported some “detox” symptoms from using the Terahertz device, which is perfectly normal and to be expected but subside very quickly as the body releases the toxins and enters a healing mode.  On rare occasions, temporary blisters, redness, and itchiness are the main results when used with certain health conditions.

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